CUPEX® - the better lid for cups

Patented premium coffee-to-go lid for real coffee enjoyment on the go


Taste experiences like from a coffee cup thanks to the large opening


Easy to put on, close and reopen


Protected, spill-proof closure

The new CUPEX® reusable lid for
your coffee-to-go cup
The new CUPEX® reusable lid for your coffee-to-go cup

For all coffee-to-go cups with a standard diameter of 90 mm – finally a spill-proof, reclosable reusable lid with a large drinking opening! The wide, oval opening lets the scent of coffee flow into your nose, guaranteeing unique enjoyment “to go”.

The CUPEX® reusable lid can be attached easily and without snagging. The completely new, patented Easy Slide Lid technology of the lid is easy to use and ensures effective beverage protection inside and out.

The CUPEX® disposable lid for
your coffee-to-go cup

The CUPEX® disposable lid foryour coffee-to-go cup

World novelty: first reclosable disposable lid made of paper! The CUPEX® disposable lid is also characterized by a spacious, oval drinking opening. A spill-proof closure is made possible here by the slidably arranged layers of the patented Easy Slide Fiber Lid solution.

The CUPEX® disposable lid fits cups with a standard diameter of 90 mm and protects drinks inside and out. This means that nothing gets into the cup that doesn’t belong in it, and the coffee stays hot longer.

The CUPEX® coffee-to-go reusable cup in a set
The CUPEX® coffee-to-go reusable cup in a set
Practical reusable cup together with the matching, spill-proof reclosable reusable lid in a striking design. The two grooved surfaces of the CUPEX® coffee-to-go cup, which are offset by 180°, ensure optimum grip and good thermal protection.

The reusable cup has a capacity of 380 ml and comes in many fresh colors. Its inner diameter at the top is 85 mm. The lid of the CUPEX® reusable cup also has a large, oval drinking opening and can be easily opened and closed with just one hand thanks to the patented CUPEX® Easy Slide Lid technology.

Premium-Coffee-to-go-Mehrwegdeckel und -Mehrwegbecher

Enjoy coffee on the go

We humans taste more with our noses than with our tongues (and a little bit with our eyes and hands too). This is probably why the good old coffee cup is still the undisputed favorite for a freshly prepared cup of coffee, because almost all of the senses are stimulated.

But modern, mobile life is also changing our drinking habits. There isn’t always a cozy café within reach for a cup of coffee away from home, or there simply isn’t enough time for a break. Then the coffee “to go” should also be enjoyable and also protected, whether on foot, in the park, on the train or in the car. Whether reusable or disposable, there is now a suitable, unique CUPEX® coffee-to-go lid for perfect coffee enjoyment on the go.

Use resources sparingly

From the very beginning, we have focused on resource-saving use of energy and materials. CUPEX® coffee-to-go cups and lids are made in Germany. This enables short transport routes and short delivery times.

The CUPEX® reusable lid is made of high-quality polypropylene and no other plastics are added. In addition to its good functional properties such as durability, dimensional stability, freedom from taste and odor and low weight, polypropylene is easy to recycle. The CUPEX® reusable lid is therefore particularly suitable for use in the deposit system.

The fiber material used in the CUPEX® disposable lids without plastic coating or any other plastic additive. The wood used for this comes from Scandinavian forestry and meets the strict requirements of the FSC chain of custody certification (English: Chain of Custody, COC).

Like the lid, the CUPEX® coffee-to-go reusable cup is made of ECOZEN®, the world’s first bio-modified copolyester with a 14 percent share of renewable and bio-based monomers and a high heat distortion temperature of up to 110° Celsius. ECOZEN® is 100% free of harmful BPA and acryl nitrite.

The CUPEX® founding story

Behind CUPEX® is a small team of passionate inventors, experienced engineers, designers, production and marketing specialists.

They united a latent dissatisfaction about the inadequate product properties of the different and widespread coffee-to-go lids, regardless of whether they are reusable or disposable.

Small drinking hole, missing closure, awkward putting on – there should be better solutions.

Become a CUPEX® partner
A great idea has meanwhile resulted in two unique, patented solutions, the CUPEX® Easy Slide Lid and the CUPEX® Easy Slide Fiber Lid, which are used in three outstanding products: 1) the CUPEX® reusable lid, 2) the CUPEX® disposable lid and 3) CUPEX® coffee-to-go reusable cups.
For the further distribution of the CUPEX® products, we rely on trusting partnerships, e.g
  • Sales partner for the sale of CUPEX® products to private or commercial customers in Germany and Europe
  • Licensee for the production of CUPEX® reusable lids and reusable cups
  • Licensee for the production of CUPEX® disposable lids


Are you interested in CUPEX® coffee-to-go lids or CUPEX® coffee-to-go cups and want to use them in your company? Or do you already use to-go cups and are you looking for the perfect lid? Then we look forward to your message!